I have lost my login data and/or affiliate links

Just do not worry - proceed here.

I did not receive my last payout.

Don't panic! Our billing company has never missed a payout and we never leave a complaint about a missing payment unresolved. Many reasons may apply what might have gone wrong, like wrong bank account data, incomplete address data, etc. If you are missing a payout, please contact us.

How often and how will you pay my revenue?

Our billing is sending cheques and send wire transfers every month for the full previous month. We do not maintain excessive payout retention periods, as well as we do not expect minimum turnover amounts. Every penny made in a month is subject to payout, though for processing fee reasons we transfer revenue of less than Euro 30 in a month into the next payout period. 

Which locations do you allow for promoting your sites?

Actually we have no restrictions at all where and how you're promoting our sites. If it is simple text links, banner links, hosted galleries, TGP sites, blogs, adult site review portals, toplists, directories, tube sites, etc. Whatever your individual marketing strategy is. Please only take note of that we maintain a strict anti-spam policy. If sending spam is your marketing strategy, you better stay away from us.

Are you offering promotion content?

Yes of course we do! Simply have a look into our TOOLS section. If you are looking for a specific content that is not available in our TOOLS section, please contact us and let us know your requirements.

Are you also offering *exclusive* affiliate content?

Yes, we do, though with some restrictions. For providing exclusive promotion content, i.e. content that will be available only to you but to no other affiliates, we would need to know your exact marketing plans.

Which billing company are you using?

Ever since we are trusting in the payment services of Inet Cash, one of the most reputed and trusted billing companies since more than a decade.

How do you handle cross sales?

Up-selling memberships from one site to another is a strong feature of the Spanking Dollars network. Once your affiliate cookie has been placed, you will be credited for EVERY sale on EVERY site within the network, regardless via which site the customer came in originally and which one he actually joined in the end.

I noticed occasional POPUPS on your sites! Are you stealing my traffic?

Of course NOT! ;) Please read above about cross-sales. Popups on our sites are solely linking to other sites WITHIN our network. In fact, these popups are drastically increasing your chances on making a sale on any of all the sites available.

I have another question, which is not listed here.

Please contact us, if you have further questions.